Saturday, November 28, 2009

John Moses Browning: His Life in a Graphic Novel

What is a fitting tribute for the greatest gun inventor of all time? Why you create a graphic novel, of course!!!

The "comic book" features the highlights of his life & his amazing inventions. I found this 45-page document on (thanks John C.!). It's interesting that it didn't mention the greatest handgun in the world (it's the 1911 of course, Geeez!). There is also no mention of the publisher nor the year of publication. The document seems to be promoting the FN & Browning companies (maybe that's why the Colt 1911 was not mentioned), but it's still a great read for those who are fascinated by this great American legend!

To see the complete comic book, go to this link...
The American Gunmaker, John M. Browning

Here are some images from the graphic novel...

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